Buying a new desktop PC is one of today’s simpler computer problems. The main decisions are about size, speed, source and price, though not necessarily in that order. There aren’t any tough technology decisions, because here at WPK Computer Consultants we already know the best options. The main barrier is the ability, or willingness, to pay for them.

Size boils down to big or small. For a home-office machine, bigger is better. A tower system has more space for expansion, is easier to repair, and can use hotter, faster chips. You may not anticipate adding more memory, a second hard drive or a graphics card, but it’s great to have the option.

Speed will be as fast as you can afford, partly because a fast PC is likely to last longer, and changing to a new PC is not many people’s idea of a fun night in. But don’t try to save money on memory: 8GB is the minimum for a decent desktop or laptop. In addition the wonderful speed improvement you will get from an SSD (Solid State Drive) is a recommendation.

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