Our Services

Data Recovery
Have you lost your data, erased a partition, formatted your hard disks, had a hardware failure, or one of many more problems with your data storage? Encompassing many different operating systems and platforms, please contact us and we can assist in getting your data back.

Mobile Backup Service
Does you computer system need backing up? If it does we can arrange to come out to your place of business or to your home and take a copy of your data and then burn it to a CD thus giving you a permanent copy of your data that you can access at any time.

Do you want your computers at work or at home to talk to each other, share files, printers and internet access? We can also make it possible for you to control your office computer from home. We can assist in these areas and many more crossing many platforms.

If your computer is keeping you on your toes with one or more specific problems, then you may need a repair, just give us a call and we can help you and your computer. If your computer keeps shutting down, software is playing up or any other problems that may be affecting your day to day use of your PC contact us and we will get back on track

Are you in need of a new computer or peripheral? Do you need installation of computer hardware, or are you in need of software? All these areas we are able to help you with information to assist you with making an informed decision..

Do you need to upgrade some or all of you parts to help your computer perform better and cope with the new software of today, if so we can assist you.
Please select from: LaptopDesktopServer Upgrades

Virus/Spyware Removal
If you have a computer virus, it can be a disaster to you and fellow computer users you know. We are able to remove viruses from you computer systems. We are also able to help you plan for virus attacks and inform you of good anti-virus products.

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