A good backup solution is priceless.

There are many ways to back up your PC; external hard drive, USB flash drives, CD, DVD, tape… but none of these are perfect.
The biggest bonus with our Offsite Backup is that it can be a ‘set and forget’ solution. In addition, because your data is stored offsite on a remote server, not in your home. So even if your PC was lost/stolen or your house burnt down, your data is never lost.

Have you ever backed up your computer system?
Have you ever priced the cost of Data Recovery?

If your answers to the above questions are No and No, then we suggest you call us. For a computer system that has never had a good backup created of necessary data, this is a disaster waiting to happen. If your computers hard drive was to suffer from data corruption, an internal fault or was to stop working because of a power surge or blackout, all of your unbacked-up data could be lost. You would then be faced with the prospect of having to re-enter all of your data in to your computer, or going through a data recovery in order to get your data back. We do data recoveries and we are in the less expensive range of prices within Australia.

In order to prevent that type of situation and for your convenience we are able to come to your place of business or home to backup your data. We also offer the facility of doing your backup at our office.

There are a few different ways we are able to do your backups.

Offsite Backup Service

We collect a copy of your data, back it up however you like and then forward it back to you via mail or courier of hand delivered if required.

Immediate Backup service

Back it up for you on-site, so you immediately have your backed up data in your hands. This is for CDROM and DVD backups of your data only. This is where we burn your information on to a CD and DVD there and then.
This is advantageous if you don’t want your data to leave the premises for confidentiality or any other reason.

FTP Backup Service

We are now able to offer an option where you are able to transfer your data to a secured server with a ftp client. This offsite data storage facility is available once your account is setup. A unique username and password and a high quality firewall is your security of the backup.

Media Types (Tape, CD, DVD or Hard Drive)

On our Immediate Backup Service we are only able to offer CD and DVD backups.
We are also able to backup to numerous tape formats. These generally are not able to be done immediately due to the length of time it takes, however arrangements can be made.

Please call us to discuss your Mobile Backup Service requirements.

Some more reading, please refer to the Australian Government Stay Smart Online website on backups.

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