Do you have more than one computer?
Are you tired of using floppy disks to move files between them?
Only the one printer?
or Would you like all your office PC’s to access the internet through one telephone line?

All these situations can be rectified, simply by installing a small network. Or if you need a complete office solution we are able to assist. Networking is an area of computing that can frighten some people by questions being asked similar to. Can people see my private files? and If I am connected to the internet through the office computers can outsiders see my files? The answers to both are NO, unless you would like them to.

Ever thought that you would need to use your office computer from home or the other way around? Well you can, all you need are the telephone lines, modems, computer and the right software. And you will be using the resources of your other PC in no time flat.

In our experiance we can help you in the following areas:

Peer to Peer network

Windows 3.11
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT Workstation

Full Server network

Novell NetWare
Windows NT Server
Macintosh OS

Cabling is no problem, Including CAT5 – UTP, Coaxial RJ58 and AppleTalk.

Please call us to discuss your Networking requirements.

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