Server Upgrades

WPK Computer Consultants can fulfil a wide range of IT consultancy and technology requirements for your business. We can provide ongoing IT support and maintenance services. Desktop support and remote helpdesk services are also available. We regularly work with business of all sizes ranging from small business based in a single office to large customers with multiple offices.

Servers are almost always deployed, at least initially, with specific objectives in mind. Regardless of whether the server is deployed in a small business or large enterprise, frequently the server’s role changes over time. Due to growth, budget cuts, rack limitations, or other factors, servers deployed for one purpose must often begin fulfilling additional services and responsibilities.

That’s why it’s important to periodically audit systems. Reviewing a server’s resource load helps ensure the organization optimizes performance and prevents downtime. However, system administrators can’t just break a case and drop in more RAM here or upgrade disks there. Server upgrades always require planning.

Something to remember, less expensive disks, RAM, power supplies, and other components are always available. But when it comes to servers, it doesn’t pay to cut corners. Only high quality, high availability components should be deployed in servers. While these items may cost marginally more than other (lesser quality) alternatives, the performance and uptime benefits more than offset the additional expense.

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